Hi! I'm Mikolaj Zajda

and I can be your Architect

2 years experience, 6 offices

in the middle of the studies? No problem.

Less is more or lesss is a bore?

In pure architecture the smallest detail

should have a meaning or serve a purpose.

When I'm asked what my best project is,

I always answer 'the next one'.

Who I am?

I am 26 year old Architect Engineer, Associate AIA, currently working at JAHN architectural office in Chicago. I graduated with Master of Architecture degree at Poznan University of Technology. Until today, I have gathered almost 2 year of international experience and still looking for more. Besides architecture, I am also a graphic designer and journalist. You can take a look at my work around.

Where I’ve worked




09.2018 - Present

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Large and small scale projects, in all phases. Switching between depending on the project needs.

Architectural Intern


06.2017 - 09.2017

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Working on the Military Museum & Library Archival center, constructing a 3D model that was being extensively used to refine the design. In similar capacity, participating in Riva Town Center Master Plan in Bachnang, Germany. Proficiently working in Autodesk Revit, Autocad and Rhinoceros 5. Consulting projects directly under Helmut Jahn's supervision.

Assistant Designer


03.2016 - 08.2016

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Participation in project teams working on concept design and schematic design for commercial, public and residential buildings. Taking care for floorplan design (residential, public), fadace de- sign and interior concept development & branding (commercial). Acknowledged with drafting / design studies, dutch building regulations (residential) as well as concept development and par- ticipation in competition teams. Being able to be focused on efficient workflow, manage design studies quickly and keep the critical attitude with a strong passion for architecture.

Junior Architect

RH+ Architekci

10.2015 - 01.2016

Poznan, Poland

Managing projects, creating concepts and structural drawings of office buildings, family houses, industrial halls. Taking part in variety of different projects, controling the building regulations, having direct contact with clients. Creating CAD and Revit drawings, final renders and graphi- cal design. Working simultaneously with studying at diploma semester at Poznan University of Technology.

Architectural Intern

ZZDP Architecten

06.2015 - 09.2015

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Working independently and profficiently with Autodesk Revit, Autocad, Adobe Photoshop, Il- lustrator, InDesign and other software tools available in the office, being able to generate 2D and 3D imagery. In particular, making a real contribution to theaarchitectural design of projects that developping on. Creating new concepts, working with renovations. In total, working on 9 projects in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and others.

Local Correspondent

Architektura & Biznes

12.2014 - Present


Writing articles for the architectural magazine about local events. Publications:

- "Amerykański sen" - story about my internship in JAHN office in Chicago containing an interview with Helmut Jahn [A&B 07-08/2018],

- "W mieście wieżowców" - feuilleton about city of Chicago with exclusive interview with Dan O'Riley - SOM Associate Director [A&B 04/2018],

- "BUDMA 2018" - report from BUDMA 2018 international building trades [A&B 03/2018],

- "Archiidee" - report from architectural conference in Poznan [A&B 12/2017],

– "W rotterdamskim laboratorium architektury" – story about the internship in MVRDV with an interview with Jacob Van Rijs [A&B 9/2017],

– "Zmysły na arenie" – report from arenaDesign 2017 at WTC Poznan [A&B 5/2017],

– "Poszerzanie horyzontów" – report from BUDMA 2017 at WTC Poznan [A&B 3/2017],

- "Kamienica na Wildzie" - own architecture engineer diploma project published through A&B Academy [A&B 12/2016],

- “Rotterdam - miasto przyszłości” - story about a city of Rotterdam with an interview with Winy Maas [A&B 07-08/2016],

- “Czas robi swoje” - report from BUDMA 2016 at WTC Poznan [A&B 03/2016],

- “Staż u perfekcjonistów” - report about the internship in ZZDP Architecten and an interview with one of the directors - Adam Smit [A&B 02/2016],

- “Architektura in situ” - report from a scientific group journey IN SITU to Bratislava [A&B 10/2015],

- “Projektowanie dla ludzi” - an interview with Nathalie de Vries (MVRDV) and report about her lecture in Warsaw [A&B 05/2015],

- “Budownictwo - branża zależna od architektów” - report about BUDMA 2015 at WTC Poznan [A&B 04/2015],

- “Dizajn na poznańskiej arenie” - report about arenaDesign 2015 at WTC Poznan [A&B 03/2015],

- “Bezcenne doświadczenie” - own story about the internship in GRAS Arquitectos [A&B 12/2014].

Architectural Intern

GRAS Arquitectos

07.2014 - 09.2014

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

During internship, I was responsible for:

- making visualizations and renders as well as CAD drawings,

- conceptual projects and masterplans of Mallorca Sports City with 3D model,

- taking full part in the international competition for Guggenheim Museum in Helsinki in cooperation with OH LAB studio,

- conceptual project of residence in Madrid,

- creating the final mockups of projects.

Architectural Intern

Architektura Lucjan Wawrzyniak

07.2013 - 08.2013

Pleszew, Poland

CAD drawings, working with interior architecture, making concepts of family housing, preparing graphical schemes and diagrams of installations projects.

Graphic Designer

In Situ Scientifc Group

03.2013 - 02.2016

Poznan University of Technology, Poznan, Poland

Member of scientific group “IN SITU” - designing graphics, organizing events, exhibitions, journeys, writing articles.


Zajda Design

11.2011 - 05.2016

Poznan, Poland

Freelance graphic designer. Designing every type of raster and vector graphic. Creating websites, DTP materials, logotypes, corporate identities, CD covers and every other promotional materials. Also, photography post-processing and photo manipulations. During more than 4 years have participated in lots of varied projects including design of brandings from scratch. Worked alone, but sometimes in teams if needed. Cooperation with professionals, other designers and printing companies.

What I’ve earned

Honors & Awards

Young Architects Competition


07.2017 - Worldwide

Finalist in worldwide Young Architects Competition in theme of Wedding Oasis. The goal of the competition was to create a unique structures in the Rosciano Castle area, which is basically known as one of the most beautiful places to organize a wedding.

Best semester project

3rd Audience Award

03.2015 - Poznan University of Technology

Faculty competition for the best semester project between 3rd and 5th year. Succeed with 3rd award by audience choice.

RIDEX logo competition

2nd prize

06.2014 - Poznan, Poland

Branding competition for logo of RIDEX company.

What I can


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Autodesk Revit
Autodesk Autocad
Autodesk 3dsMax
Rhinoceros 5
Microsoft Office


high work ethic

working under pressure

using graphic tablet

team work


team leader

driving license

How to deal with me


Profficiency C1/C2





Architecture & Design


Financial intelligence



Who can recommend me?

How to contact me?

There are certain ways to contact me. It’s all up to you, what suits you best! You can call me, send me an email or sms. Also, you may want to follow me at Facebook or build a social network with me at LinkedIn. The necessary info you will find below.

e-mail: contact@mikolajzajda.com

phone: +1 312 358 0004 | +48 790 392 186