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I am 26 year old Architect Engineer, Associate AIA, currently working at JAHN architectural office in Chicago. I graduated with Master of Architecture degree at Poznan University of Technology. Until today, I have gathered almost 2 year of international experience and still looking for more. Besides architecture, I am also a graphic designer and journalist. You can take a look at my work around.

downtown ANDERSIA





PROGRAM: Mix-used - Residential, Office, Hotel, Retail, Recreational, Commercial
TEAM: Mikołaj Zajda

LEADER: dr hab. inż. arch. Ewa Pruszewicz-Sipińska, PUT Prof.

SEMESTER: X, year 2017/2018

LOCATION: Anders' Square, Poznan, Poland


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The program of the complex will consist of residential, hotel, office and retail. The first two have to be connected by a shared recreational space with facilities both for inhabitants and hotel guests. Residential should have growing quality and standard of the apartments while rising higher. This solution can be also matched to the hotel function, what would result in a proposal of greater rooms parallel to their higher placement. Also, their similar function will ease the whole process within the structure, storey heights, ventilation systems, etc.


A retail space should be mainly situated at the ground floor, surrounding the lobby and giving the quick access for the use of office employees, hotel guests or inhabitants. An office space is joined with the complex, but should have different core and structure as there is more differences than similarities in case of the approach and terms of architectural design.


In case of the shape of the buildings, they should be defined gently, not aggressive as they should play well with each other what would create a good, consistent architectural complex. I assume, that they should have a similar façade systems, but different throughout the details, finish, etc. There is also a way of creating similar shapes, but differentiate them by façade or materials.


The proposed function will have to be figured out within the structure of parking lot, fitting all the different needs, joining the cores with a functional space for the cars. The structural grid should be as general as possible, so it can be varied as it goes higher but still bearing the loads.


The achieved form is based on a tryout of multiple shape variations on the plot. As a result of the influence of the surrounded architecture and shadows analysis as well as the urban sensitivity, it was possible to create a mass, that fits in the context and fill all the functional and city plan requirements.


The proposal is divided into 4 different buildings, a couple of them partially joined, whereas all being connected through the podium situated at the ground floor. That also creates a possible walkthrough at the axis of the building placed on the Anders Square. The towers will be divided into residential and hotel function including shared facility and recreational area. It will be connected with the smaller 5 storey office building.


In particular we can define two underground levels of parking lot. Above, there is a representative ground floor with lobby, receptions and retail facilities with wine bar included. The first floor consists of the wellness rooms with swimming pool, saunas, gym, bowling, basketball and squash courts. The higher one has the private clubs for rent with cathering kitchens, little theatre, lounge for residents, library and conference spots for hotel guests and outdoor space with different activities. Those two levels are seperated from the four-level office space. Then, two towers are rising above. The first one, residential, consists of 29 levels, whereas the latter, hotel, is up till 18.


As a whole, it shapes a great, architecture and urban complex, that makes an impression of modern city center, which creates a rising piece of the new Poznań’ downtown.

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