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Who I am?

I am 26 year old Architect Engineer, Associate AIA, currently working at JAHN architectural office in Chicago. I graduated with Master of Architecture degree at Poznan University of Technology. Until today, I have gathered almost 2 year of international experience and still looking for more. Besides architecture, I am also a graphic designer and journalist. You can take a look at my work around.

Housing 154





PROGRAM: Residential
TEAM: Mikołaj Zajda

LEADER: dr hab. inż. arch. Stanisław Sipiński

SEMESTER: VII, year 2015/2016

LOCATION: 28 czerwca 1956r. 154, Poznan, Poland




Design of 154th tenement house at 28 Czerwca 1956 street brings a lot of problems, that are essential to resolve in case of creating good, functional and fitting to context architecture. By making precise analysis of neighboring building, it was possible to distinguish characteristic rhythms and divisions at elevations, what then was took and varied to a new designed facade. Because of small build area, it was necessary to develop the building in a very specific way, so it could reach the needs of every potencial user at any age. That allows us to find here the accommodations from small studios to hundred-meter apartments. For mak-ing the building more energy-saving, there was a use of thin, solar coffers, that on the roof look like delicate black glass, whereas the windows came out with the reflective glass, that reduces the UV radiation and improve the comfort of use of the apartments. The whole system creates compact, quaint and modern architecture, simultaneously respecting the context and continuing the rhythm of Wilda buildings.

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There are certain ways to contact me. It’s all up to you, what suits you best! You can call me, send me an email or sms. Also, you may want to follow me at Facebook or build a social network with me at LinkedIn. The necessary info you will find below.

e-mail: contact@mikolajzajda.com

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