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Warsaw Uprising Pavillion





PROGRAM: Warsaw uprising memorial pavilion next to the Warsaw Insurgents Cemetery
TEAM: Guillermo Reynés, Álvaro Pérez, Mikołaj Zajda, Marcin Adamczyk, Marta Wieczorkiewicz, András Papp

LOCATION: Warsaw, Poland




The construction of an architectural pavilion on a historical event of the magnitude of the Warsaw Uprising is a fact that has to go beyond mere architectural design. The cultural background, patriot, passion and history has so much weight that has to be an intrinsic part of the monument itself. It is not enough to the future content of the pavilion exhibition: historical weight that must be present from conception and realization of it.


The uprising was a feat which few people got a lot; City Hall wants to recover that spirit of sacrifice and unity and transmit the formalization of an architectural object.


How to convey a feeling in one place, in a building? The proposed action of the park, the place, its urban context. The construction of the pavilion must serve to re-organize and adapt the park. The pavilion serves as a link between the different elements of the park. The installation position articulates the space so that a new central space that was previously created completely missed: both the pavilion, as the existing monument and cemetery surrounding the sunken lake which is accessed by a new natural stands. In this way a central space, solemn, suitable for meditation and to celebrate related events create heroes. This new space created in the park is viewed from the entrance through a balcony but to descend to him you are to walk the park, displaying the flag, the monument and part of the cemetery. In this way the flag is part of a new monumental around the natural space of recollection, sunken and empty "circuit" representing absences.


The pavilion itself is the uprising itself. Like the people who did, a few elements, bricks, and a willingness to stand up, the direction of the roof of the building create the building; Is a natural sequence up: the floor of the park begin to climb the walls forming the pavilion in 2 clear directions: a landscape that crosses the park and other narrow and monumental that leads directly to the monument. Different parts of the pavilion emerge from these walls that grow as lifting, sometimes visual perforate to allow the park.

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