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I am 26 year old Architect Engineer, Associate AIA, currently working at JAHN architectural office in Chicago. I graduated with Master of Architecture degree at Poznan University of Technology. Until today, I have gathered almost 2 year of international experience and still looking for more. Besides architecture, I am also a graphic designer and journalist. You can take a look at my work around.

Wedding Oasis





PROGRAM: Outdoor open-pavillion competition
TEAM: Mohamed Moghazy Farrag, Mikołaj Zajda, Katarzyna Kopeć

LOCATION: Rosciano Castle, Italy

AWARD: Finalist Mention


Will be transmitted to architectural magazines and websites + international exhibitions


more: Young Architects Competition




The goal of the competition was to create a unique structures in the Rosciano Castle area, which is basically known as one of the most beautiful places to organize a wedding. The purpose of the design was to be simple, flexible, changeable and temporary if necessary. That all, should still be very gentle to the surrounding area, taking all the respect to the old castle. We proposed the idea based on the classic symbol of wedding rings, that develops the concept fully and is variable in case of any shape the future married would dare to demand. Because of its modular shape, it is possible to create unique compositions horizontally and vertically. Made from acrylic makes the structure light and easy to create diffrent variants of transparency, which eventually gives the impression of spectacular combination of light and shadows. This results in unforgettable memories of the young couples who enters the new path of their lifes.

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