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I am 26 year old Architect Engineer, Associate AIA, currently working at JAHN architectural office in Chicago. I graduated with Master of Architecture degree at Poznan University of Technology. Until today, I have gathered almost 2 year of international experience and still looking for more. Besides architecture, I am also a graphic designer and journalist. You can take a look at my work around.

Westerpark West Amsterdam





PROGRAM: Housing, Urban Planning, Renovation
TEAM: Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs, Nathalie de Vries, Frans de Witte, Fedor Bron, Mick van Gemert, Mark van den Ouden, Sander Bakker, Paul Dolick, Mikolaj Zajda - during internship in MVRDV

LEADER: Nathalie de Vries

STATUS: Work in progress

LOCATION: Amsterdam, The Netherlands




From closed to open, from gray to green, from sofa to sofa. Three processes that together tell the transformation of ING buildings on Haarlemmerweg to 600 to 900 homes. In the coming years, Pinnacle will gradually develop this office area into an attractive residential area. The inaccessible drab office park will turn into an open green recreational area for residents and neighbors.

MVRDV (known to the Market Hall, the Silodam and the Lloyd Hotel) has developed a first architectural vision for this residential area. Within this vision takes into account housing types where significant needs in Amsterdam: pleasant, compact and affordable housing.




Besides the greening of public spaces, Sustainability is also of paramount importance as regards the new design and renovated residential complexes. Due to the change in function of the buildings from work to live, the dynamics of the entire area will also undergo a major change.

The realization of Westerpark West is not only a comfortable living environment for current and future residents will also provide a stronger connection between Sloterdijk Westerpark and Bos en Lommer.


more: www.westerparkwest.nl

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